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Online Breathing Session: Source Of Life (NL)
Online Breathing Session: Source Of Life (NL)

Tue, 27 Sept



Online Breathing Session: Source Of Life (NL)

Second online session after the summer again! Now is your chance to be one of the first to experience the new setup of my breathing sessions.

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Tijd & Locatie

27 Sept 2022, 20:00 – 21:30


Over het event

A breathing session that lets us go deep inside and let us feel that we consist of life energy. Life energy: our source from which we do everything out of love. But also our source from which we do things out of fear, for example. When you can touch that source of life for a moment, can feel it for a moment, then all fear will dissapear. It is transformed into love. Sometimes you are aware of those fears, sometimes you are not.


- Deep relaxation and silence in body and mind.

- New insights emerge.

-Stuck traumas or emotions are released.

- Sometimes you experience a psychedelic effect, think of seeing colors and figures.

- But it is also possible that you experience a huge euphoric feeling after the session.

The experiences are very diverse. You can always trust that you will experience exactly what you are ready for.

I make sure that you feel safe, so that the session can be experienced optimally.

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